The town and environment

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Valtuille de Arriba is a small rural town, in the municipality of Villafranca del Bierzo, with about 80 inhabitants dedicated basically to agriculture and wine production. From its vineyards come some of the most prestigious wines of the region and there are numerous wineries its environment, some with organic production, that can be visited. Given the high interest in wine in the area, La Osa Mayor is integrated in the Bierzo Wine Route promoted by the Ciuden (Ciudad de la Energía – City of Energy).

Valtuille is a picturesque town with buildings that retain the traditional architecture of stone and adobe in good condition, very agreeable to pilgrims and the still scarce visitors. Located south of the mountains which form the Ancares, halfway between Villafranca, Cacabelos and Pieros, the village is crossed by the Camino de Santiago, that leads to Villafranca del Bierzo.

Valtuille de Arriba is surrounded by green hills with vineyards, forests of chestnut, oak and pine trees, as well as other types of native vegetation, with a great variety of fauna, flora and mushroom species. Particularly striking is the variety of colours of the landscape, especially the ochre of the soil, so characteristic of these places and in particular of Médulas. All this adds, no doubt, to the delight of travellers passing through the area.