In spring and espacially in autumn, we can be surprised by bursts of color at each step. You can make walking, an activity to enjoy and relax. If you are fond of mushrooms, the rides will have a double interest. And you can delight in the mycological days in November and food festival which take place from late October to mid-December in the best restaurants in Bierzo.

In summer, we have an extra attraction: swimming in the clean and fresh waters of three nearby rivers, which have well-appointed river beaches, including bar or warmest of Carucedo Lake.

As well as, we can also enjoy a lot of concerts, fairs and festivals: We emphasize the “Festizaje” (percussion and world music) and Santiago fair, in July; jazz concerts, classic music (for example, during the course of composition of Cristóbal Halffter) and fairs ofthe Encina in September (Ponferrada), etc. THe more numerous fairs are dedicated to wine and crafts, which sometimes go together, such as the Camino de Santiago in August (Villafranca del Bierzo).

With regare to leisure and services, the Bierzo is sufficiently equipped and there are more proposals for lovers of music and culture in general, as well as sports and active tourism.

If you like the popular traditions, we can not lose traditional “magosto” parties where they celebrate the harvest and honors the tasty Bierzo chestnut, often accompanied by other foods and live music taking place in November in numerous towns of the Bierzo.